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​Information and support ​ ​

As an employer or business owner, it's important to have the most current information regarding resources and support that may be available to assist you in starting, retaining and further developing your Aboriginal workforce.

It is also useful to be aware of WA government strategies and initiatives across the state in the area of Aboriginal workforce development.

The resources and information in this section have been provided to assist you in the development and management of an Aboriginal workforce.

How AWDC can help

We have a range of facilities and experienced staff at the Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre who can help you develop your Aboriginal workforce, and assist you in finding the information and support that you need for your business.


To find out more about how we can help, register now or contact us for a chat.

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The Training Together – Working Together strategy

The Training Together – Working Together strategy is an initiative of the State Government in collaboration with Aboriginal communities and industry to increase the number of Aboriginal people in sustainable employment in Western Australia.

Connecting employers with Aboriginal job seekers, promoting Aboriginal role models and removing barriers to participation in the workforce are among the key recommendations outlined in the strategy.

In the 2014 review the Government updated the strategy, outlining next steps to continue addressing key barriers to Aboriginal people's successful participation in the workforce.


Helpful resources and fact sheets from AWDC

These fact sheets and resources have been produced by AWDC. They offer useful information and advice, and can be easily printed or shared via email.


Aborigi​​nal workforce development

These publications are very useful for any employer or business owner, whether you already have Aboriginal employees or are just getting started.


Aboriginal employment services

These organisations provide employment services and related information for Aboriginal people.


Financial support

There is a range of financial support that may be available to you as an employer of Aboriginal people. Because the information around this changes frequently, please contact AWDC if you would like to know more about what's available.


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