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Finding a job involves thought and preparation – from choosing your path to the kind of work you want, through to going for interviews and getting to work. You’ll need an up to date resumé; there will be job applications to write and you might discover you need to skill up with some study or a qualification. Sounds like a lot of work, right? It can be, but AWDC is here to help you every step of the way.

​How AWDC can help you

Our team has helped hundreds of Aboriginal jobseekers in Western Australia find employment or get into training. We're dedicated to helping you be successful and reach your goals.

Watch this short video to meet some of the team and find out how​ we can help you get the job you’re seeking. 

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Wherever you are on the jobseeker journey, we have information here on the website for you. Check out the following sections by selecting from the menu.

  • Choose a path – knowing yourself, what you want and what's out there is the first step. Find out how to choose the right path to follow for your jobseeker journey.
  • Skill up – maybe you need to do some training, or get some hands-on experience, to improve your chances of getting that job you want. Find out what options are available and how to get skilled up.
  • Get a job – so you're ready to go out there and get a job? Got your CV/resumé  ready? Cool with writing a job application? Ready for a job interview? Take a look at our helpful hints and find out how to get out there and get that job.
  • Information and resources – we've collected some great websites ​and resources wit​h lots of useful information to help with your jobseeking.


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The AWDC jobs board

AWDC works with employers to find great job opportunities for Aboriginal people, and our jobs board has the very best jobs that we've hand-picked just for you. You can browse through all the jobs we've got available, and if you register with the jobs board we'll send you an email notification whenever something comes up that matches what you're looking for – plus you'll get an online space where you can save your CV/resumé, references, job applications or portfolio.