Drone Vs Dog Trials



In May 2017 Muresk Institute hosted the first Drone Vs Dog Trials, a proposed annual initiative that exposes high school students to contemporary agriculture and agricultural technologies and gives them the opportunity to win prizes for themselves and for their school. 

The first phase in the Drone Vs Dog Trials was for the Muresk roadshow trailer to visit selected schools, educating students about drones, the uses of technology in agriculture and the variety of career prospects in the agricultural industry. During the visits students had the opportunity to access drone simulator activities and enter their names in the Drone Vs Dog Trials. Two students from each school were then selected to represent their schools at the official competition in May.

On the morning of the Drone Vs Dog Trials the two selected students from each school received drone pilot training and were then cheered on by their classmates as they raced a drone through an obstacle course. The student who completed the Trial with the best time won a drone for themselves and one for their school.

To be involved in the 2018 Drone Vs Dog Trials or for more information, contact the team at Muresk Institute.