WAFarmers Bootcamp to Employment

ATTENTION! Are you a young person interested in agricultural technology? Are you willing to live and work in a regional town? The farm mechanisation industry needs YOU!

The WAFarmers Bootcamp to Employment is an intensive new three day program for school leavers and young people, designed to give you the skills you need to get a job in the agricultural machinery sector.

Gain experience flying a drone, operating precision control technology, learning more about machinery application for agronomy and understanding data based decision making. You will meet industry leaders and even get the chance to showcase your skills to prospective employers looking to take on apprentices and trainees.

The Bootcamp to Employment at Muresk Institute has been postponed - but applications are still open!

Follow Muresk Institute on Facebook and register your interest on the course page to be notified as soon as new dates have been confirmed.



Day oneActivity
​​AM​Welcome, introductions
​Skills Passport assessment and grading process
 Industry overview and context for the program
​​​Technology in industry, data collection and management, data based decision making
​​Occupational health and safety
PM​Principles of machinery application for agronomy, machinery operation


Day twoActivity
​​AMSkills Passport and assessment reminder, review of day one
Personality profile, teamwork, workplace communication, demonstrating can-do attitude and problem solving initiative to prospective employers
 Machinery maintenance
PMDrones and precision agriculture, guidance, variable rate technology
​CV portfolio preparation – how to market yourself
Out of sessionParticipants to work on CV portfolio content overnight


Day threeActivity
​​AMSkills Passport and assessment reminder, review of day two
Final CV preparation time
 Cloud-based paddock software
PMTrimble operation
Wrap-up, Skills Passport presentation, pitch to industry

*subject to change




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