As Western Australian’s skills hub of modern agriculture, we operate in partnership with organisations to collectively ‘cultivate modern agriculture’ bringing the best training, industry knowledge and skills to Western Australia. 

We act as a broker making connections between industry and regional communities through education and training. If you would like to discuss an idea, or an opportunity to enhance your services in partnership with Muresk Institute contact us.

Here are a few examples of what we have achieved with our partners since 2014.

Training and higher education

  • 37 training and higher education partners
  • Delivery of the Associate Degree in Agribusiness (Curtin University since 2019)
  • Delivery of Civil construction skills set (Ertech Construction Academy)
  • Delivery of leadership programs (Rural, Regional, Remote Women’s Network/Curtin University Masterclass and Emerging Leaders in Agriculture, Technology and Enterprise)
  • Delivery of Agristart mentoring program
  • International student and exchange programs on the farm
  • Regular field walks on the farm to embed students' learning across production cycles

Agriculture colleges and schools

  • More than 750 students across 19 schools (metropolitan and rural, public and private) have gained exposure to agriculture as a viable career option through Agriculture Career Days
  • VET delivered to secondary students (Margaret River Senior High School,  Aquinas and Great Southern Grammar, Clontarf Aboriginal College, Kiara College,  Northam Senior High School, St Joseph’s School)
  • Delivery of summer and winter school Certificate III Agricultural skill sets for agricultural college students


  • Establishment of high level industry advisory committee to guide development of the farm as an industry showpiece
  • Partnership with the WA Stud Merino Breeders for a Sire Evaluation Program
  • Donation of 200 Dohne ewes for training purposes and student work experience (Dohne Breeders)
  • Machinery and rural merchandisers staff professional development days using the farm and conference facilities (Claas/Landpower, AgCo, and CRT-Rural Traders).
  • Over 500 farmers attended field days and extension activities:
    - Crop Variety Field Days, Herbicide and Foliar Disease and Practice for Profit Research and Development  (Kalyx)
    - Sheep Easy Field Day
    - Foundations for Sheep and Wool workshop
    - National Weed Conference
    - Agroforestry and Sandalwood
    - GIWA Oat and Pulse Spring Forums
  • Milne Agrigroup feed efficiency trials
  • CSBP Fertilisers soil mapping projects (using the Decipher platform to create farm maps and analyse historical soil and plant test data)
  • Partnership with Murdoch University to develop knowledge and data to allow a real-time monitoring system to be tested in the sheep industry
  • DPIRD agronomy trials (early sowing cereal options and tactical wheat agronomy for the West)
  • Partnership with Kalyx to research cereal disease, nutrient response, herbicide tolerance, herbicide efficacy and good laboratory practice

Local and State Government

  • Establishment of  the State Soil Library on site at Muresk (Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development)
  • Establishment of trial plots on the farm (Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development)

Community groups

  • Development and establishment of a VET program (for secondary students) and Natural Resources
  • Management pathway (Noongar Land Management Ranger Services and As One Nyitting)
    Re-engagement of community groups for artistic and recreational pursuits