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Building a Better Cow

Interested in improving the reproductive efficiency of your herd and ramping up your genetics at the same time? Ensuring your heifers calve early and without intervention is paramount to setting them up to succeed as future breeders. By implementing modern synchronization programs you can achieve more pregnancies in a tighter window from your heifers, shortening and simplifying your calving season. Synchronization programs also provide windows of opportunity to integrate Fixed Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) into your heifer mating program as well, allowing you to source semen from proven low birth weight, high weaning weight bulls to produce the next crop of calves out of your heifers.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • heifer development and breeding strategies designed to improve entire herd structure and optimize kilograms of beef per hectare; and

  • successful integration of FTAI programs into commercial beef production systems.

Presenter Dr Enoch Bergman has had a long association with commercial livestock producers throughout Australia. Originally from Colorado in the US, working as a partner within Swans Veterinary Services in Esperance for the past 14 years, Enoch primarily provides veterinary services to all segments of the beef sector including cow/calf producers, stockers, seed stock producers, and lot feeders. He is actively involved in research and has worked closely with Meat and Livestock Australia, Australian Lot Feeder’s Association, a number of breed societies, Veterinary Universities, Government Agricultural Departments, and is a past president of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians.

Dr Bergman will challenge some thought processes producers hold regarding reproductive strategies and herd development, hopefully leading some to profitable innovation. Enoch has dedicated his professional life to the goal of assisting producers to generate more profit from the same feed base without sacrificing animal welfare outcomes. Attendees can expect a lively, informed and evidence based discussion which will lead to improvements in efficiency and productivity at any level of beef production. Information will be presented in a practical manner which will be of interest to primary beef producers, veterinarians and anyone else concerned with the beef industry.

Suitable for:

​Livestock students, beef producers and farmers

Subject matter expert:
Dr Enogh Bergman
7 March 2019 (combined course with Introduction to Animal Welfare, 9.00am start – 3.30pm finish)
$50 full fee
$25 concession
Fee includes:
$25.00 for any student currently enrolled in school, TAFE or university. $50.00 for non-students. Fee includes a BBQ lunch.

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