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Introduction to Beekeeping

Introduction to Beekeeping is a short course covering the basics of how to get started in beekeeping. It is designed to help beginner and backyard beekeepers to become more confident with bees and learn responsible beekeeping practices. The course will cover the theory of bees and beekeeping in Western Australia, and provide tips and tricks on keeping your colony healthy throughout the year. If weather permits, opening and hands-on inspection and manipulation of a bee hive will also be performed.

The course presenters are members of the Western Australian Beekeeping Association and have been keeping bees for over 15 years. Initially starting out as urban backyard beekeepers, they have slowly expanded into a small scale commercial beekeeping operation migrating hives throughout the state.
If you’re thinking about starting a beekeeping journey with your own backyard beehive or are just curious about what’s involved in keeping bees, then this is a great introductory class for you.

The course will cover the following topics:
1) Legal responsibilities as a Beekeeper in WA
2) Beekeeping equipment and lighting a smoker
3) Buying bees and equipment
4) Assembling and maintaining hives
5) Life cycles of a bee colony
6) Maintaining a healthy bee hive
7) Seasonal management of hives
8) Best practices of looking after a bee hive
9) Biosecurity and managing pests and diseases
10) Hands-on inspection of a bee hive

Suitable for:

​Small landholders, rural property owners and people with a general interest in beekeeping.

Subject matter expert:
John Enkelmann and Laura McLean, Westlands Honey
4 October 2020

​Enclosed boots/shoes, bee suit and gloves (washed or new) for the hive inspection component of the course.
Bee suits can be hired in advance for an additional cost of $15.
Long sleeved clothing to be worn under hire suits.

Further study options:

Intermediate/Advanced Beekeeping Workshop

$250 full fee
Fee includes:
$250 inc GST, morning tea and lunch. Does NOT include cost of hiring a bee suit.

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