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New technology acquired by Muresk Institute will make a big difference in the delivery of precision agricultural training and will provide a unique learning experience for students.

The Trimble auto-steer simulator replicates a computer system that is used to operate all modern tractors.

Muresk Institute General Manager Prue Jenkins said this was an innovative way in which students could gain cutting edge industry skills.

“All modern tractors have user-operated, touchscreen computer systems that are satellite connected and perform a range of precision functions, including steering the tractor,” she said.

“Our new simulator will allow lecturers to teach precision control technology system operations to a large number of students in a classroom and will complement the one-on-one teaching that is done in the tractor itself.”

The simulator will be used in a range of programs delivered at Muresk this year. This includes Precision Agriculture and Precision Control Technology, operating seeding and harvesting equipment and chemical application, all of which are popular additions on the short course calendar.

Ms Jenkins said many courses delivered at Muresk had a strong focus on new technology to ensure that graduates had the contemporary knowledge and practical skills that industry required.

“Employers in the agricultural and allied industries are looking for graduates with the knowledge and capacity to operate in an increasingly technological workplace,” she said.

“Courses delivered at Muresk Institute ensure students are job ready to work in the modern agricultural industry, with the technical know-how and skills that employers are looking for.”

An extensive program of courses will be delivered at Muresk this year, presenting new opportunities for students. The short course calendar provides training in areas such as agricultural mapping with drones, operating seeding and harvesting equipment, as well as operating quad bikes, shearing, grain processing, feedlot nutrition and Auschem accreditation. 

“Intensive short courses are aligned with the agricultural seasonal labour needs and are popular among people new to the industry, existing workers who want to brush up on their skills or people interested in gaining seasonal work in the sector,” Ms Jenkins said.

In addition, the University of Queensland delivers the two-year Integrated Diploma Program, which focuses on agricultural mechanisation and livestock and cropping production technologies and provides graduates with high level, technical skills for the agricultural industry.

“Muresk Institute is a working farm and provides a unique learning environment, which also allows us to support the delivery of full time courses such as a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and a Certificate II in Animal Studies,” Ms Jenkins said.